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When Your Loved One Says #MeToo

  Originally posted at It’s everywhere now, women and men alike sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault or simply saying nothing more than “me, too.” The undeniable presence of the norms surrounding sexual misconduct becomes more evident every time someone shares their experience. These experiences typically involve shame, fear, hiding, telling lies,… Continue reading When Your Loved One Says #MeToo

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Meanwhile, in the Adventures of Myla and Kaela…

Hi. Yes, hello. It's me. It's been awhile, I know. Surely you're used to this nonsense by now. In the time I've been gone, a thing or two has happened, as they often do.     It's quick update time! Here goes... 1. Myla and I moved to an adorable little bungalow in Wichita. We're… Continue reading Meanwhile, in the Adventures of Myla and Kaela…

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The Least of These

This might be an uncomfortable time for you. It is for me. Many of us have been living in a really comfortable age where we didn’t have to stand for much of anything because none of what we loved was under threat. That's privilege. And now, we find ourselves losing things that matter. Things like… Continue reading The Least of These

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For The Moments When You Doubt

For you. -K You are strong. You will continue growing and getting stronger because that's who you are. Remember who you used to be and how far you've come. You cannot be compared. Whatever you do, please don't look at another soul and wish that you were more like them. It will only shake the solid… Continue reading For The Moments When You Doubt

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Let Them Be

I am wrong far more often than I'd like. I make mistakes like it's going out of style and have to take a really hard look at who I am at my core at least once a week. It is tempting in this strange world we live in to judge and categorize all my experiences and decisions in… Continue reading Let Them Be

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The President doesn't set the tone for our country. We do.

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To Be A Woman

  oh, vast soul, whose only worth is measured by the body she's been trapped in raped in cursed in hid in a stolen genie whose self-appointed master only sees the lamp you sacred heart brilliant mind shoved into an ill-fitting life that consumes every waking moment without relent No. Body and soul, I am… Continue reading To Be A Woman

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Of Stopping and Starting Over

I haven't been blogging for a reason. Or really, for a hundred different reasons that piled on top of each other until I was too exhausted to even try to pull something true out of myself and put it on paper. After years of fear, anxiety, shame, and hiding, I’m finally starting to feel the sun… Continue reading Of Stopping and Starting Over

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10 Things I Learned in My First Term of Grad School

Sleep is not necessary extremely important. I do my best work 30 minutes after the deadline. Coffee is a legitimate need. When they say 15-20 hours of work per class each week, that's what they mean. 5-10 hours will not be sufficient. "I will read all the books" quickly changes to "I will skim all the books". Spotify can carry me… Continue reading 10 Things I Learned in My First Term of Grad School

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Today is the day that I finish my Bachelor's Degree in English: Creative Writing. I did all the actual work last week, but today is the last day of class. Today is the day I am done. After eight years of college--mostly on, sometimes off, half-time, full-time, working, having a kid, etc--this insane journey is… Continue reading Done