Book Talk….on a Thursday. Because we’re rebels.

Have we all gotten over 2013 by now? It’s been a whole day so we should be moving on, right?

I am moving on in every way, but perhaps most importantly by setting a new reading goal. As some of you know, my goal for 2013 was 75 books. It was a good goal—a great goal, even. But I didn’t make it. My total count as of December 31st was 61 books. I’m completely satisfied with this number. 75 was ambitious. Really ambitious.

Moving forward, my goal for this year is 52. That’s one book a week. Reasonable, I think. And if I read more, all the better, because overachieving is like a drug to me (I have a problem).

Now, on to business! This is Book Talk day…it’s usually Tuesday, but not this week. We’re rebels, remember?

I’ve gone back and forth on which book to do. Decisions, decisions!

For Darkness Shows The Stars by Diana Peterfreund won. Why? Well, because it’s dystopian fiction with a Jane Austen twist. Basically all of my guilty pleasures in one neat little book.


This book is a tribute to Jane Austen’s Persuasion, but Diana’s story and characters…they are hers. The manners, the class, the strong female lead—all reflect a deep love for Austen’s original work. Diana incorporated those things into an original story that is interesting and well-written and teeming with strong characters and beautiful landscapes.

The heroine, Elliot, is struggling to keep her family’s estate together after her mother’s death. The Reduced, those suffering from genetic alterations, who work the estate have become her family. Elliot has given up everything to provide stability for them, even the opportunity to find a new life with the boy she loved. When he suddenly comes back into her life, things only become more difficult and confusing. What has happened to him? Are all the things Elliot has been taught to fear going to be the very things that set her free?

Elliot is bold and compassionate and grows through her struggles; the story itself touches on important issues like equality, love, change, and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. Like any Austen novel, it’s perfectly appropriate for all ages.

Side note: I read it in 1 day—it’s a quick, fun read. Also, I may be insane. 😉


What are your reading goals for 2014?



    1. Kaela Moore

      I hate those books. They’re bullies.
      “You’ve started me, so now you have to finish. Don’t like me? Doesn’t matter. You’re stuck with me. And if you quit, I’ll haunt you. Muahahaha!”

      Someone told me once that if you don’t like a book, stop reading immediately so you don’t waste your time. I don’t always, but it’s good advice I think.

      I hope you like this one! It’s nice and light.

  1. Liz

    intriguing! Appreciate your reviews. Looks like a good read. Have no specific reading goals for 2014. Though your Goodreads suggestion showed me that I read an average of just under a book a week, so I could be on board your 52 in 52 plan 🙂 Things have slacked off a bit over the holidays, though hope to pick up again soon. Reading The Journal of Mrs. Pepys ( right now and it seems like it would be boring, but is cracking me up. If you’re ever dissatisfied with your lot as a wife and woman, it’s well worth a read. We have it pretty darn good! And is also showing me that some things never change, no matter what the era.

    1. Kaela Moore

      I haven’t read much over the holidays either. I intended to, but things were crazy! You should shoot for 52 books, too and we can be goal buddies!

      I’m adding The Journal of Mrs. Pepys to my Goodreads list. I can always do with a reminder of how good I have it. 🙂

      This book was so fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

  2. amb

    This sounds amazing !!! You had me at “Jane Austen twist”. I am definitely adding this to my 2014 reading list. Swoon swoon swoon. I haven’t read “Persuasion” (much to commenter wdydfae’s dismay) so I’m thinking thie two books together will make a nice little double feature 🙂 Actually …

    How’s that for a 2014 reading challenge? Austen’s original followed by something she inspired?! And I’m only sort of saying that because I just finished Joanna Trollope’s “Sense and Sensibility” and I already want to read it again 🙂 Oooh I’m inspired now. Thank you Kaela !!! 😀

    1. Kaela Moore

      *whispers* I haven’t read Persuasion either, but I watched the BBC version and that’s almost the same thing. *done whispering*

      That sounds like a perfect 2014 reading challenge! I’m adding Joanna Trollope’s book to my want-to-read list for future reference. Sounds right up my alley. I hope you like this book!

      1. amb

        It’s really neatly done. Amazing how well the story translates to our social-media-saturated lives (key plot developments happen via Twitter!)

        I’m sure I’ll like the book, it sounds wonderful 😀

  3. Aussa Lorens

    Ah! I thought I hit “follow” already, so I’m about to do so now!
    And.. book goals… ah, not sure I can put a number on it. I’m hoping to read a lot more self-published and indie authors this year… starting with the bloggers I’ve gotten to know. I just need to figure out exactly how I’m going to make that happen!

    1. Kaela Moore

      I love that you’re going to read more self-published and indie authors this year! There are so many great ones out there, but I’m with you—they’re not always easy to find. I read a great one by a blogging friend of mine recently. Check it out if you like zombie/apocalyptic/adventure books. It was action packed and tons of fun. Are you on Goodreads? There are tons of books/authors accessible on there. And I’m sure there’s a way to filter out the indie/self-published ones.

  4. That EJ

    In a day?! You’re a reading machine! Getting through 61 last year is amazing, by the way. SO good! Good on ya, and good luck with the 52. I think you’ll smash it.

    I have no reading goals this year. I have set a writing one instead. We’ll see how that goes.

    1. Kaela Moore

      I am obsessive when there’s a book I love. “I can’t put it down” is no exaggeration for me. It’s inconvenient. Ha!

      Writing goals?! Awesome! Are you going to post about those? Because I’m sure we’d all love to know what you have planned!

      1. That EJ

        I like that! When you’re hooked, you’re hooked. It’s a cool feeling too. And you know a good book when you get that feeling.

        If it all goes well I will for sure. Haha. Thanks, Kaela! 🙂

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