My head is full of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and I can’t quite think of anything else.

It’s going to take everything in me to focus on book talk today. You know that mild Doctor Who addiction I spoke to you about? Well, it’s escalating. I watched Forest of the Dead today. And cried. Of course.

But I’m putting that out of my mind and focusing very hard on the task at hand! I thought, for continuity’s sake, I’d select from the realm of science fiction for today’s post. (Also, my brain is quite obviously already in sci-fi mode and it cannot be persuaded to switch to something more realistic.)


Let’s talk about Beth Revis’ series Across the Universe.

Amy is supposed to be in cryo-sleep until the ship carrying her family and team of settlers lands on the new earth. But she wakes up—alone, confused, and not very happy—to find that they’re nowhere near landing. 

Not one to buy into pathetic answers to real questions, she teams up with Elder, the next captain of the Godspeed, and begins to search for the truth in the midst of the madness. Someone woke her up. Someone is out for blood. And someone is not telling the truth.

I was so impressed with this series. Every page was a major plot twist. Just when I thought I had things figured out, the tables turned and I was left completely shocked and delighted. Shocked and delighted—like gasping and bouncing up and down and dramatically clapping my hand over my mouth in genuine surprise. In addition to a great story, the imagery is beautiful and the other-world-liness will tickle your imagination.

Amy, the heroine, is relatable in spite of the fact that she is parcel to situations we can’t even fathom in our tiny 21st century world. All the supporting characters are exactly as they should be—multidimensional and firmly planted in the center of the action. There are no shallow, unnecessary players here. The content deals with some heavy questions and I would recommend it for mature high school students and older.

I cannot emphasize enough how much I enjoyed this series. (Am I making myself clear?!?) I don’t know how Beth Revis did it, but the union between entirely ridiculous and entirely believable is perfect. Perfect! I was so engrossed in this story and the characters that I grieved when it was over—I would say that “grieved” is an exaggeration, but you know I don’t mess around when it comes to my love of fictional characters. 😉


Any sci-fi recommendations for me?
I believe I’m a bit hooked.


  1. Liz

    I had to read your post quickly as I need to catch up to you on Dr. Who! Perhaps my book reading will have to take a backseat for now, haha.

    You’re adding three books to your tally now, so on track for the 52 in 52 thing, yes? I have read very little sci fi. Dr. Who is my first real foray into the genre. Think of how amazing his story could be in books! Though it’s fun to watch for sure. But books are often (usually) better than screen. Maybe you could buy the rights and write the books? You totally need a new project anyway, right? Right? 😉

      1. Liz

        Wha’? Well I suppose of course there are as everything has been done. Are they good? Worth reading? I will look them up absolutely. Thanks for enlightening 😀

    1. Kaela Moore

      I wish I were on track…truth is, I’m working on 4 different books at the moment and these are ones I read a few months ago. Four different books, Liz! What am I thinking?!

      I just discovered the Doctor Who books yesterday! Where have they been all my life!?! Needless to say, I’ll be looking into those. And, um, if they need someone else to write and pitch ideas—I’m here! 😉 Writing for the Doctor Who story?! What could be better?!

      Are you on track for your 52 in 52? I’m thinking I may need to ditch one or two of my books and just focus on ONE for a bit.

      1. Liz

        no, not 52 in 52 though recently finished #3 and halfway through #4 (reading prequel to Anne of Green Gables 🙂 ) so not too far off.

        Curious is the Dr. W books are good. Could they capture everything with written word?

        You may be scattered with books, but when you start knocking them off your numbers will shoot right up!

  2. roboex1013

    I have my own Doctor Who addiction as well. I can sympathize. I swear my inner dialogue now has a british accent and I hear the theme song and the sound the TARDIS makes in my dreams. lol.

    1. Kaela Moore

      My inner voice is British, too. Sometimes I break into an accent without any warning. It’s a mess, really.
      And all my dreams are TARDIS-centric now. I can’t remember what life what like before…;)

  3. Kelly

    (1) These sound like great books. (2) THE WAY HE SNAPS OPEN THE TARDIS DOOR GIVES ME CHILLS. (3) My friend gave me a life-size Tenth Doctor cardboard cutout today, so…that’s happening.

      1. Kelly

        Right? She just moved in with her boyfriend and APPARENTLY sharing a bedroom with David Tennant would cramp his style (though personally, if my boyfriend didn’t want Ten, I wouldn’t want my boyfriend). I’m benefitting, though, so I can’t complain. Plus it’s kind of a late birthday present 🙂

    1. Kaela Moore

      Um, Kelly’s friends win at friendship.

      Also, the snap. My gosh.

      And the writing that went into making us love River Song and weep over her death in the span of two episodes and 80 minutes is amazing.

      I watched Journey’s End last night and pretty much went to sleep thinking the world will never be the same. Donna? Donna breaks my heart the most. And Doctor is so lonely. *sigh* I just can’t even. There’s no better way to put it.

      1. Kelly

        The look on River’s face when he asks who she is! AND THE LOOK ON THE DOCTOR’S FACE WHEN HE SAYS BYE TO DONNA. That’s the worst. Her story devastates me (and looking back, there’s so much foreshadowing). The moment when he reaches out to shake her hand is the second-saddest moment in the whole show for me.

  4. bmagpub

    Have you ever read “Stranger in a Strange Land” (Robt Heinlein). When I first read it in the mid 70s, and enjoyed it. Ever herd the expression “to grok” something? From there. Also, some of Asimovs Foundation Series (Forest of the Dead reminded me a bit of these). Hey, who turned the lights out? 🙂

    1. Kaela Moore

      I’ve added these to my Want to Read list! I’d never heard of them, but can’t wait to look them up. Have I mentioned that I love book recommendations?? 🙂


      P.S. I run through any shadows I cross now. It’s best not to take any chances. 😉

  5. amb

    Oh look, Doctor Who has taken over your Comments section. Oh look, amb is doing a happy dance of joy. 😀 I was emotionally hung over after Forest of the Dead. I love River Song to bits. Bits, I tell you! The way she and Matt Smith banter back and forth gives me heart palpitations. Something for you to look forward to 😉

    I haven’t heard of this series and thinking it will make some good airplane reading on my trip next week. Sounds like it will make the time fly by! (hehehe).

    1. Kaela Moore

      Firstly of all, you are so punny and I love it.

      Secondly of all, River Song is perfect. Exactly and precisely what I would hope her to be and all the things I didn’t even know I hoped she would be.

      Lastly/Thirdly-ish of all, watched Journey’s End last night. Emotionally hung over doesn’t even begin to cover it. Pain. Lots of pain. The loneliness in DT’s eyes when he left Rose and then Donna… *cries*

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