Time travel on a Tuesday.

Hey, lovelies. How are we today? Surviving the dreaded Tuesday?

I ran errands alone today, so, needless to say, it’s been a good day. Seriously, who knew that Walmart could be considered a “getaway.” (Yes, I know. I have no life.) 😉

I’m so excited about today’s book talk because time travel. You heard me! Time travel!! Sadly, the Doctor is not involved, but the story is exciting and fun without him. (Is that okay to say!? It would be even more exciting with him, of course.)

Ruby Red

Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier is a young adult fantasy/science fiction about Gwen, a girl who descends from a long line of time travelers. She’s hoping the time traveling gene skips her because it would be a pain to bounce back and forth in time, am I right?

This book was fun. There was some sword fighting, more than a little mystery, and—I should probably warn you—it’s the first in a trilogy and you won’t be getting many answers. The writing was light and funny and Gwen is just the unexpected, quirky heroine everyone wants. It is the kind of book that had me wishing I could just curl up and disappear into it for a bit. I don’t want to share too many details because spoilers are no ones friend, so I’ll just leave you to it.

Meanwhile, this is me wishing I could time travel and wondering how I’m going to get my hands on books two and three. But you could have probably guessed that because this is pretty much my life.


What are you reading this week? 

*Also, can I get a virtual high-five for posting two days in a row!? Yeah!* 



  1. amb

    One virtual high five comin’ atcha, baby! *amb gives the fastest virtual high five in the history of the world and rushes off to read Monday’s post that she missed*

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