Our country is a frightening place right now. People on both sides of the political spectrum are spewing hatred, desperate to be heard, understood, and acknowledged. Hate crime is on the rise and anyone who is not white and straight finds themselves in a place of uncertainty and fear. As a straight, white person, I see how privileged I am and my heart breaks for those who find themselves in a world that is not safe or welcoming.

I hope we are awake now, that whatever hesitance there was to identify and call out the systemic racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and misogyny that has been denied and ignored for so long has finally run its course. Regardless of how we identify politically, we must agree that these things are never okay and completely undermine the values our country was built upon.

Let’s protest:

  • By choosing kindness, toward everyone, always.
  • By teaching our children to respect one another.
  • By being compassionately curious about the experiences of people different than us.
  • By conceding wholeheartedly that our experiences are not the rule.
  • By practicing acceptance when it’s most difficult.
  • By feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and protecting those who are in danger.
  • By remembering that we are together in this.
  • By questioning everything.
  • By listening with the goal to understand.
  • By fighting against injustice with our votes, our voices, our art, our spending habits, and every other resource at our disposal.
  • By using our privilege to amplify the voices of those who are oppressed.
  • By getting into the mess with one another, hurting together, rejoicing together, and building a better future together.
  • By calling out injustice every time we see it.
  • By getting louder when we’re told to be quiet.

The President doesn’t set the tone for our country. We do.
We belong to each other and we get to decide what sort of people we are.

No more silence.
No more shrinking.
I have chosen kindness and a loud voice for everyone who is oppressed.

Who’s with me?


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