I’m a Real Girl

I’ve been thinking about gratitude a lot lately. My gratitude practice has been life-changing (not an overstatement) and it’s only been three years. Or it’s already been three years. Or it’s been a whopping three years. I can’t decide which best describes it.  There were long seasons where it was a struggle and I didn’t […]


When Your Loved One Says #MeToo

  Originally posted at It’s everywhere now, women and men alike sharing their experiences of sexual harassment and assault or simply saying nothing more than “me, too.” The undeniable presence of the norms surrounding sexual misconduct becomes more evident every time someone shares their experience. These experiences typically involve shame, fear, hiding, telling lies, […]


Let Them Be

I am wrong far more often than I’d like. I make mistakes like it’s going out of style and have to take a really hard look at who I am at my core at least once a week. It is tempting in this strange world we live in to judge and categorize all my experiences and decisions in […]