A poetic playbook for the #MeToo movement, Rupture and Repair presents a speaker moving through abuse and into healing with wit, anger, and grade. Prall’s connection between her speaker’s personal struggle and the natural world provides not just a depth of meaning but a touch of the universal.

Lael E., writer

In reading Rupture and Repair, I had what was one of the most healing and eye-opening experiences of my adult life. Works like the book’s first poem drove me to dig inward, and to analyze my hurting as healing…Prall’s gentleness and soft-but-sturdy voice could be felt quite tangibly with every word of this collection. Each syllable, so distinctively and intentionally placed on each page, offered up a kind (and sometimes abrupt) dose of serendipitous therapy- another pang of inward reflection. I loaned this book a part of myself I didn’t know I had, and felt that Prall left a part of herself with me as well; this unmatched vulnerability and quiet intensity left me feeling better about myself– more seen, more understood.

Olivia V., writer